Lot's wife. The un-named woman.

Where is your anchor?

Today I want to bring modern culture into our discussion. I think as a modern woman we sometimes think, “ is the Old Testament even relevant to today’s world? Like, sure God is great but I don't see how I fit into the old testament stories and what I could even learn.”

I am always surprised when I read the Old Testament at how the stories come to life and begin dancing on the page for me. God always moves and has an old story fit just right into my everyday life.

Lot’s wife is a great example of this. Today’s whisper is that modern culture can be our anchor.

Lot, remember is the nephew of Abram or Abraham, Sarah’s husband from our last story. Lot knew of God but, no where does the bible describe him as a faithful servant. He did, however come from the same family as Abraham so he would’ve seen God move and known of how faithful God had been to Abraham and Sarah, but the culture of his city had a very strong hold on him.

One time, Lot was even kidnapped and he still chose his culture. He was taken by force with his wife and their daughters. All of their belongings were gathered up and taken by four kings of the land Lot had chosen to live in. God saw fit to send Abraham to rescue him and bring his family, along with his belongings back to Sodom where Lot continued to choose to live.

For some reason, this kidnapping did not even scare Lot and his wife out of living in Sodom. Lot’s wife, who was never even recorded with a name in the bible, was not a Godly woman. The bible does not describe where Lot found her or what religion she came from. The only history I could find on her is that she was a worldly woman who loved material items. Lot was a very rich and influential man in the town of Sodom and Lot’s wife loved that fact. His daughters loved that fact.

The daughters had many suitors that came by, had all the nice things and ran in the right circles because of who their father was.

Their mother was not a woman who feared the Lord and her daughters were not taught about the God Lot knew either. Some of the daughters married men of Sodom and lived in a culture that taught them satisfying their own needs was most important, that beauty and possessions along with wealth are all that is needed.

Sounds a little familiar, huh?

Sodom was a very sophisticated town that offered many opportunities, but along with that came a very materialistic attitude where God was not the priority, or even really on the radar. Men had sex with each other openly and freely. The town was all about feeling good whenever it felt right. It was not about seeing what God had in store for their future, or treating their bodies as temples for the Lord, and certainly not asking for forgiveness.

It was what could these people do for themselves, to get whom and what they wanted in that moment.

Right became wrong and wrong became the norm and to be expected. The wrongs were even celebrated. God’s law was thrown out the window. Any one who dared go against what culture wanted in that moment was threatened, saying “Now you want to play the judge?! You better do as I say or I will take you down.”

Cancel culture in it's earliest form.

In Genesis chapter 19 verse 1 “Two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening, Lot was sitting in the gateway, when he saw them he got up to meet them, he bowed down with his face on the ground. My lords he said, please turn aside to your servant’s house. You can wash your feet and spend the night, then go on your way early in the morning.”

To me this reads as, uh-oh- Im busted, let me just hide you guys real quick, you can’t see what I am living in or where my secret treasure is.

The angels reply with nope, we are going to spend the night in the square. The thing Lot did not know is the Lord had heard the outcrys about the towns Sodom and Gomorrah, an equally sinful village close by. The Lord had already warned Abraham he intended to destroy both places, Abraham had begged God to spare it. God was sending his angels to investigate. These angels knew what they were getting into, everything Lot was trying to hide, the angels already knew about.

Eventually, Lot talked the angels into coming into his home, where he prepared a meal and kept a close eye on them. But before anyone had finished the meal, Lot’s biggest fear began to come alive, the home was surrounded with all the men of the town.

Genesis 19:5 “Where are the men who came to you tonight Lot, bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them they yelled.

Lot answers this with offering up his virgin daughters, yelling back look, I have two daughters who have never had sex. I can give them to you but you can't have these men, these angels. The angry men yelled back, “Who are you to judge us, get out of the way or we will treat you worse!"

I know in our world we don’t tend to have men surrounding the home yelling for people to come out for sex, but we do have culture invading our homes through T.V., Music, Social media on our phones and peer pressure from friends saying we need to accept who they are or else. Everything is so sexually charged, it is so hard to protect our hearts from what we see and hear.

We are told in movies everyone is sleeping around, we need to just accept it. That sex is an in the moment thing and nothing special. That our bodies do not have to be held as sacred. When we lose our virginity we have not actually lost anything.

That men can be women by putting on makeup or dresses. That someone can change their pronouns over a summer because they feel it.

That if we do not accept our own racisim, that we are just blind. That we can not judge anyone or any act, or we will be treated worse than the people pushing acceptance in our faces.

The culture of Sodom is not all that different than what we are living today. The society today matches in selfishness, there are no boundaries. What was once wrong is now right and marched through the streets in celebration.

Lot’s wife loved her city and status. Her anchor was here in her identity, not God.

Lot's wife would have seen God move when they were kidnapped as a family and she was seeing God move this night. The angels said to Lot, do you have anyone else in this town? Son-in laws, sons or daughters? Verse 13 is where they tell Lot, “Get them out of here for we are going to destroy this town tonight. “

Lot believed them but hesitated. His wife hesitated. The angels grabbed them and said Hurry, and don't look back or you will be swept away. Lot’s wife was being presented with a moment. She could keep on doing what she wanted, what filled her selfishly and ignoring God. The choice was still hers, disobedience or she could obey and live.

Disobey and die, obey and live.

The Lord rained down burning Sulfur on Sodom.

Genesis 19: 25 Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, destroying all those living in the cities- also the vegetation in the land. But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

I can not imagine seeing angels on this Earth. Let alone being told, hey look you need to run or you’ll die. This is what Lot’s wife saw, yet she still did not obey. She literally was guided by the hand of God and still doubted what he said. Her value was in her culture, she had already been swept away.

Lot and his wife chose to live in the city where God was not valued. Where his truths were not upheld. Abraham and Sarah lived in the place where God was valued.

What city are you living in? The one where society tells us to accept or are you living in a place that follows God.

Lot was spared because God remembered Abraham, he loved Abraham so much he spared someone who meant something to him. Lot’s wife still, even with all the mercy, just couldn't get there. Her value and truths were in something else. Her anchor lied elsewhere.

When presented with a choice she was so swept away by her selfishness, she couldn't see the choice for what it was. She was deep into her culture, which eventually led her to ruin.

Quiet time-

What city are you deciding to live in. Imagine being at the beach, you see the lifeguard stand, but you are in the ocean playing. The waves are crashing but you’re having fun. You are pretty close to that life guard stand. Some time passes tho and you look up and see that you have wandered further from that lifeguard stand. You don’t remember really moving, you were having fun but the current swept you away. That current is our society, the life guard stand is God’s truth. That’s what anchors us so the waves can’t push us further away. Spend some time writing out how society may have swept you away from God’s truth then write out a prayer asking for God’s wisdom to anchor you.?

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